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            • 英文_人才_1

              HR vision

                      HR is the first resource for The development of Zhang Xiaoquan Company, and the HR strategy is also the first strategy of our company. respect and trust them and create an environment for their development that is our special style.

            • 英文 人才 2

              HR Principle

                      What you pain,what you get.

            • 英文 人才 3

              HR mission

                      Grindstone is the core of company training institutions and personnel training base, the main task is to strategic planning, company culture, exquisite craftsmanship heritage to create a platform;purpose is to develop the potential value of the employees and integrate the internal and social advantage resources, and drive employees to grow and learn more; cultivate a new generation to inherit "quality steel with exquisite craftsman" craftsmanship spirit of Zhang Xiaoquan.